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Its a fair cop..I bought the bike on e-bay for £9250 and now know why the photos were scabby in some areas. Maybe I should not have been so dissapointed but some of the bodges are shamefull. The rear stand in particular. Head lug looks cracked too. 2 speed gear has a Ward roller conversion aparently very desirable. I need to assess this bike fully, but do not have the experience ………any 2 speed experts local to CROYDON ??

Imagine my frustration afterwards to be offered a better 1930 Super from a local Scott owner so just like a jilted lover I “married” it to my garage so now I have 2 Scotts apart from the 22 model in long term restoration.

Once I have sorted where I am I will sell one bike onwards and it will probably be the Mavro e bay bike. Any offers of spares welcom

There are not enough hours left in life and the Scott riding experience cannot be put off longer!! Having recently moved from full time employmet to a part time consultancy role the froad awaits me!