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Roger Hulett

In my youth,and before I knew anything about the friendship of the Scott Club,I had a 1936 Flying Squirrel.In those days (1955) a bike was a bike and was used for getting from A to B. I worked for F.W.Woolworth & Co in Leicester as a trainee manager and it was determined that two other trainees and myself would do the Grand European Tour. I went out to Coalville and bought a second hand boat sidecar for £7.50. The seller helped me bolt it on to the Scott and I rode it home,at least I wobbled home. I discovered that you needed a steering damper(my FS did not have one ?? ) so off to Tom Ward in Nottingham and he fixed me up. The three of us drove to Dover,crossed the Channel, visited Belgium,Holland,Germany and France before returning to UK 14days later. I sold the sidecar as soon as I got back,it was horrendous to inflict such pain as 3 big blokes all the luggage and a heavyweight sidecar on a poor little 600cc two stroke.
The bike survived ok,I raced it at the very first Kirkby Mallory event,Osmaston Manor,Oulton Park and Cadwell before falling off and being told by my manager to choose between motorcycle racing and Woolworths.
I had a very successful career in retailing !!!