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Hi, I have a good solid, (heavy) jig here for the 2″ left-hand pipe. It’s not mine, but has been here for several years, and I am sure that the owner will not mind it going out on loan for a while. Anyone wanting to borrow it will have to collect it from here, AND return it in due course. My contact details are as listed on page 66 of the April issue of Yowl.
I also have in stock two new polished stainless pipes that are a slightly different shape to the usual Rep/Sprint/TT pattern, as the pipe sweeps back at a higher level than usual, then sweeps downwards to connect to a silencer in the usual place behind the footrest. I also have a small stock of very nice stainless flanges for fabricating these exhausts. The flanges are ONLY for longstroke exhaust port dimensions.
The pipes are £295-00 each, and the flanges are £25-00 each. I would NOT like to have to parcel-up and post the pipes due to the risk of damage in transit… I can take pipes, and flanges to the AGM, so if you are interested please post a reply or send me a P.M. as soon as possible ! Ask me nicely, and I could also take the jig to the AGM….