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Paul W

Some useful leads there, many thanks – I wasn’t aware of the coker website so I had a look and they do sell a 20×3.00 tyre just as Carl said. However I haven’t found a supplier for the 20 inch Avon. No luck with the https://www.aaw-bcn.com/ingles/index.htm website either as it’s under construction.

I’m currently using a 19 inch ‘Enfield’ rear wheel with an avon SM but this is intended to go on my Flyer eventually. I have acquired a rusty Webb rear wheel with a 20 inch rim in need of total rebuild. It looks nice and slim and would be ideal for the replica Sprint project (which edges ever closer towards completion – just needs a bit of paint, nickel, MOT and registration now). As an aside i’ve not had any handling problems with the Avon SM’s albeit at relatively slow speeds – however I suspect pushing it to the limit on a track (like Martin does) might be different story.

I’ll let you know how I get on with choosing a tyre but it’s good to know they are available.

Best Regards to all,