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The 1929 Flying Squirrel Tourer did have Webb forks. It was the Flying Squirrel Deluxe model and the TT Replica model that had the Scott forks. In the 1929 catalogue the Tourer has the Webb rear hub, without a rubber insert ‘cush drive’, but plenty were fitted with the Enfield 8″ cush drive back wheel from new. My old 1929 Tourer, UN2345, is listed in the works despatch book as having the Enfield rear wheel, plus other Deluxe model things like a rear carrier.
The bike for sale actually looks pretty good, but the handlebars and levers are not correct. Handlebars were more curved, backwards and forwards, but still flat in one plane, ie. they can be laid flat on a table. They were enamelled black, and had “inverted” levers. If it really does run well, it looks like a decent buy, but tread carefully, and also make sure that the radiator is good. I should also add that the toolbox and chainguard are missing, and the headlight is a later type. Good haggling points !