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Well….. It appears to be a genuine TT Replica that has gone through a ‘modernisation’ at some time, as it has been converted to footchange, with all the other alterations that this would have entailed, like the L/H brake pedal with crossover shaft operation, cranked-out kickstart pedal, R/H Flying Squirrel type exhaust and Burgess type silencer, etc.. There would of course have been NO chrome plating originally. The handlebar levers and controls are much later type, and both mudguards, and their stays, plus rear number plate, rear light, etc., are wrong too. The speedometer and its drive off the outrigger bracket are of later type, as in 1929 the speedo’ would have been driven off the front wheel. The chainguard and toolbox seem to be completely missing, as are the cylinder-wall oiling pipework and connections. All could be put right, but a lot of expense would be involved, on top of all the other overhaul, repair, and restoration work. It appears to be an age-related registration number too.
The whole gearbox seems to be of later type, rather than just a bolt-on footchange conversion, so finding a correct handchange gearbox, lever, linkage, and gate, would be quite a problem. There again, if a buyer doesn’t mind the ‘modernisations’, it could be a cheaper proposition, but all these factors will need careful consideration.