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I’m not 100% sure, but THINK that the engine in question was not a bike engine, but one made by Bill Cull to try and interest a certain Mr. Lyons of Jaguar car fame, ( which was also Cull’s intention with the six cylinder engine), and so it had a bellhousing type crankcase, and big flywheel with a starter ring-gear on it. If that is the engine, it is now in Italy I believe. Might be worth asking the Holders though, and I could start you off with a set of three Three pistons…..
I should perhaps add that when I say “Cull’s intention”, it was of course at the behest of managing director Reginald Vinter, who moved in the same social circle as Lyons, meeting regularly at a Thames bank hostelry/knocking shop called “Skindles”, near Maidenhead. Money for these white elephant pipe-dreams was siphoned off from Admiralty funding for portable generators and power units for Bofors guns. Vinter was found out, and became a guest of his Majesty the King, going to prison for “malfeasance”, whatever that means…