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It all gets more complicated than it seems at first glance because the earlier clutches also came in a ‘slim’ version, with one less friction plate and one less plain plate. These need different springs and different adjustable thrust pins. A while back I sent samples of both to Graham Moag. The factory used to supply sets of three of the solid type non-adjustable pins in various different lengths and from memory these went from about 3/4″ up to 1-1/4″, in increments of 1/16″. However they are easy to make out of 3/8″ diameter silver steel bar, as Richard Moss has described, even if you haven’t got a lathe, and the length and end profile can easily be adjusted just by holding them in the chuck of an electric drill, against an abrasive surface. I personally don’t make them concave on the ends, but do put a small radius on them to stop them from ‘digging in’. I also heat-treat them after making them, by heating them to Cherry Red and dropping them into a small tin of old sump oil. (Do that outside !!)