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Richard Moss

Someone will know the historical sequence of the plates with adjustable and those with non adjustable lift pins, but my own experience is that the non adjustable pressure plates are perfectly good and I changed to use one from an adjustable one. The reason for the change was that my dad offered one of the stiffer pressure plates he made and they are not adjustable. Since setting it up i have only had to adjust the lift once and now it’s a very good clutch. If you are trying to use the build up thickness of your clutch plates to give you the correct adjustment then you are going to be very lucky to achieve success unless you are simply rebuilding a previously functioning setup. Otherwise you should build the clutch up exactly how you want it and then either modify the pins you have or make some new ones out of 3/8″ silversteel bar. I got a short length off eBay for a few pounds and made them up using a hacksaw,file and emery cloth. I make the ends convex, but they didn’t take long to make and there wasn’t more than a couple of thou between them. I didn’t give enough end float initially … around 0.010″ was soon worn when plates bedded in. I’m pretty sure I gave it another 0.015″ clearance and it has been perfect since.