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Thanks. I was fully intending on imposing on your hospitality to see if you could ‘see’ anything that looked odd. However, once I finally got the boss sorted I found myself keen to get the bike back on the road to see if I have fixed most/all off the faults. As you said before, the gearbox is actually remarkably simple to assemble especially given the availability of the articles you wrote for Technicalities Its certainly engaging a good way on the third gear dogs so, as Alan says, I should be fine for at least a good while. After all, the box didn’t explode before with nearly 10x the recommended end float and with 2 cream crackered bearings. I’ll revisit it all again in the winter as I still have the RG500 to prep for Mallory next month and my 996 Ducati engine to check/shim 😯

I assume there will be Notts meet on Sunday? If so I’ll try and get the Scott there. Assuming its not the death trap it was last time, if you fancy taking it for a spin I would value the feedback of an experienced Scott rider on how it all functions. 😀