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Hi Dibs,

I have seen a couple of other Scotts fitted with alloy flanged rims and indeed have a vintage Scott front hub laced into a Borriani rim so yours is not uique in that respect, but it would have had steel rims originally.

Now what follows is my opinion, take it as you will:

“The bike appears in nice condition but not 100% original. The value is based on condition, originality, if it has the original frame, engine & gearbox as per VMCC records, and running condition. Assuming you got it running and MOT’ed, cleaned it all up and it has the original engine/box/frame I would guess £5500-£6500. Take £1000 off if numbers don’t match factory records or left in current condition.”

Prices of Scotts have risen so quickly over the last few years they are tricky to value and I’ve seen many comedy prices from dealers for nothing more than an assembly of mixed parts that often I’d seen go through auctions weeks before. You could get a late 20’s TT Rep in near concours for less than 7 grand 2 years ago but I’ve recently seen post war Squirrels up for that at dealers. Bonkers.