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Thanks to all members who have posted advice & comments, how fortunate we are to be a club with so much help & experience on-tap, and so freely given!
Brian asked for an update once a full investigation had been made, so here are a few further lines:
I think it is pretty conclusive that the head gasket has been the source of the problem. In a parlous state when removed, soaked, delaminating & stained by coolant & leakage. Looks like it’s been progressive for some time. Thankfully everything else looks ok, piston, rings, bore passable (although some scoring to the latter right hand cylinder due to gudgeon pin/circlip – looks like a long-term injury so will leave as is). In the process of giving everything a good clean prior to reassembling. New gasket sets & seals already received from Graham, am also replacing the copper oil lines to tidy things up & waiting for red lacquer to refinish the block ditto. The poor old radiator was taken to a little unpossessing back street specialist in Hereford used to restoring rads for historic vehicles (located via google search). He was sceptical about taking on the job (wouldn’t consider re-coring) but after leak testing under pressure was willing to try a repair job. Phoned me the next day to say located two splits to tubing which he had soldered up & which remained air tight after retesting. Neat job virtually undetectable, two day turn around & cost £160 + vat. Time will tell how successful this will prove once under working conditions again. Will let you know at a later date. If all well, this may be a proven source for similar repairs of interest for other owners.