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There is no wear on either little end, although one gudgeon pin (RHS) is seized into the piston (but not the little end, which is free and has no wear otherwise – all nice and solid with no movement – slides easily sideways on the gudgeon pin).
If I move the flywheel backwards and forwards, there is a loud clacking noise, possibly from the RHS barrell/seized piston.
Both pistons are very loose in the barrells.
The bottom end is very good, with no wear apparent ; everything appears to be still as Tom Ward put it together in 1963 (not much use at all since then). Pity he didn’t do the top end as well, at the time.
I am seriously thinking of Mr Shermer’s 530cc conversion with turned down 600cc pistons. I would really like to keep it standard (either 500cc or 600cc) but if I cannot locate some +40 or +60 500cc pistons or locate a good 600cc barrell, then that’s what I might well go for ; I’m a bit worried that the 530cc rebore might not allow for any further rebores though.