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Rode the Scott, e hah! 😀 Its running pretty crappy, a lot of popping through the exhaust , I have the oil pump set real high I think.Lots of smoke.It wants to clear out under some load but then the clutch went south The clutch just about slipped completely away. I might have over filled the trans but I cannot see how the oil can get to the clutch? The cycle seems to be OK otherwise, brakes are so so. Handles OK. The transmission is there somewhere I think 😉 , not much feeling at all . It got good and hot and didn’t overflow or have evidence of boiling. It didn’t make goofy banging noises or lock up and that’s good! Almost settled down to an idle but the high oil setting might be causing the idle problem . Black thick oil is still dripping out the exhaust pipe to muffler joint! I think the rebuilders used a lot of graphite /moly paste in assembly and its mixing with the pump oil . I’ll tear into the clutch later maybe in a couple of days. Might need new clutch plates etc.