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Roger Moss

A suitable oil, as Brian says, is a SAE 40 monograde of a type always recommended for classic cars.
Google the nearest classic car dealer and he will advise.
Clutch, just check that the plates are free on the hub and in basket.
Sometimes the drive tongues get distorted and stick. Usually it is the plain plates with tongues in the hub that take most load
Remember the school lessons Force x Distance, Smaller radius, more load
I wrote up most of the aspects in a newsletter I did for some years, but I have about covered all I can think of
If you have time to spare, go on this website where there is a full library with a search routine.
The whole idea was to try and help others from having to re invent the wheel
Here are a few samples
15-03-2012 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_38.pdf

Here is where you should be able to find the whole 49
back issues and non Moss info at https://www.scotttechnicalities.com.au/
and http://www.flyingsquirrel.nl

Misc info
The only significant general publication produced by the Scott company was called “The Book of the Scott” This is by way of being an owners handbook with maintenance information. The content varied a little over the years and photo copies are available from BMS or go online and look for that title and you might find an original for sale. As regards other information, then there are two main sources, if we discount magazine features The first is a collection of articles written by a number of owners and printed in the SOC magazine “Yowl” An Australian owner Bill Jamieson compiled the majority of these some years back and made photo copies available under the name “Technicalities” As Bill had specifically intended that this information should be freely available, fellow Australian owner, My co founder and first editor of the Newsletter Steve Enticott put these on his website https://www.scotttechnicalities.com.au As these were sourced from a wide variety of owners with differing career experiences, then they can exhibit some inconsistences and so the test should always be if they make logical sense. On this site you will also find a library of back issues of our newsletter and this is also found at http://www.flyingsquirrel.nl On both these sites there is a search facility to aid efficient location of information on a specific subject. Other than this, one can put questions on the SOC forum And, of course, you can ask me. I have restricted myself to engine work so as to make the provision of efficient tooling worthwhile, but have quite a wide knowledge of all general elements of the motorcycle. I have many hundreds of pictures and technical drawings I can draw upon to help fellow owners
Kind Regards Roger