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David J Waring

Good morning Lewis,
It sounds as though you are well sorted with TT Rep photos – don’t forget the excellent article & detailed photos of Roger Moss’ 1929 TT Rep in The Second Vintage Road Test Journal. I will not offer you an early 1950’s snap of myself alongside my Dad’s TT Rep., as my knobbly knees are too distracting.
Photos of relevance could be ones I have taken at Annual Gatherings over many years of Reynolds Specials, the surviving 1914 TT Scott after restoration, Scott Cyc Autos and 300cc air cooled Scotts.
Also, should you wish to touch on the wider field of Scotts, I have photos of Scott stationary engines, Scott engined Flying Fleas and loads on Scott Sociables and the earlier gun carriage, with unit constuction engine.
Let me know if you are interested in any items, and I will scan them for you,