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lewis onions

First of all, thank you Kevin for putting yourself forward.

As Paul has indicated I have circulated a questionnaire seeking members’ views on the Abbotsholme weekend and the future of the club’s annual gathering/event (thanks Paul). At present I have sent copies only to the members who attended the whole of the weekend but I acknowledge that there there is a wider constituency so I will post the questions in the members’ area so as to allow all members who wish to to have their say. Please take the time to reply if you have anything whatsoever to say – or be prepared live with the consequences !

The Committee are meeting in October when the issue will be considered fully in the light of members’ replies to the questionnaire. Whilst it will be necessary to make a quick decision as to next year’s event there is this short time to take stock and ponder.

Thank you to all those who have already replied to the questionnaire.