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Jon Hodges

As someone that has championed the Scott Club website from it’s inception by Geoff Harland I feel sad that the decision has been made to deny non members access to this part of the Club’s site. I agree wholeheartedly with views expressed so far in favour of keeping the forum open to all. I myself spent good deal of time collating all the Yowl articles relating to Silks and badgering Paul to have a Silk page put on the Club site knowing full well probably people interested in Silks would not be Club members. It was done in the same spirit that grew the internet, the freedom of information for all.

I think at the very least something that has such a profound effect on Scott interests worldwide should have been put before the membership at the AGM. Has some sort of proposal about the forum access been put on the AGM agenda and will the minutes of the Committee meeting be printed in the April Yowl?

Jon Hodges