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Do we need a club?

There is a community of people dedicated to a german motorbike called D-Rad (1920 – 1932). D-Rad was the biggest motorbike manufacturer in germany in the late twentieth and the D-rad R9 was the best selling 500 in 1929. Nothing special, “only” a sturdy but very conservative and reliable bike.

This community is not organized in a club and no structures exist. There is only an open web-forum and two private websites. The better one is run by an 18 year old swiss boy. There are annual gatherings with 60 – 80 D-Rad´s taking part together in a 100km ride. This gatherings are organized by enthusiasts. Who will run the next gathering will be decided at the end of a gathering. Every year it is on different places and every organizer is trying hard to show his hometown/area at its best. All communication and information about parts, help … goes via the forum and the website. All pictures from nearly all gatherings, stories, all technical information, old pictures, everything is downloadable for everyone for free from this website. The D-Rad community has grown over the past years, more and more parts are made and the D-Rad is now a very interesting bike for many.

The last D-Rad club was recognized before the war.