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There is a critical difference between Scotts and D-Rads or any other more popular bikes. That is there is enough demand for companies to invest in parts supply of more popular machines. The biggest single thing the SOC brings is the spares scheme IMHO and a fine job it does. There are only a very few individuals daft enough to plough their own money into batch manufacture of Scott parts that will take many years to sell and realise a break-even so the club fills these gaps. The SOC does this because no-one else will so setting up a rival online scott club has little practical purpose as, unless it has a means to generate decent amounts of funds, it cannot produce the spares scheme or the Gathering or Yowl to share and record knowledge. This started as a disucssion about web access for members and non members. I’m a member and vis-a-vis I therefore pay for non members to use this forum, along with everyone else who is a member. But I see no reason to drag the SOC raison d-etre into this website discussion.

Asking the question “do we need a club” is a little unfair as I believe you are outside looking in, you should have asked “do you need a club” and the answer would be a “yes”. You are welcome to join, then you can table a motion for the AGM next month!

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