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Hi again, I’m still not clear on the rationale

The committee states:

*The decision was primarily made with the purpose of protecting the Club’s intellectual property and goodwill

I,m not a lawyer but does this mean that if if a member posts some advice on the forum that then belongs to the club ❓

My understanding is that it belongs to the originator, if this being the case surely the member has the choice of posting in the club only area or the open forum area, or not at all. its his or her decision whether to post but I believe its still their intellectual property can anyone shed more light on this ❓

It also staTed that

“Many of the active users of this forum are already Club Members and so most should be unaffected by this change.”

The forum stats show that two thirds of active users are non members, maybe this has been overlooked so could the committee please look into this again

ps I also agree with the last two posts, this thread will not encourage any new memberships

regards Jonathan 😥