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Hi Lewis! 😆 😀 8) Long time no speak Kimmo Sabe (Lone Ranger talk) Was playing in Aberdeen when I heard the news about the SOC Forum closing to non members. A Very retrograde step mate! And whats all this about the clubs assets re Scott lore? Intellectual property. Does the Club own the Book of the Scott? Does it have the wide ranging knowledge of prominent racing members and long term owners. Does it own this knowledge? Come off it Lewis. A decision of this importance is a matter for the AGM.!
You know this, I know this (as an ex-Editor of Yowl for 4 years) and every sensible VOTING member knows this. The web based Scott Newsletter which Roger Moss and I run has NO administative costs. We have a vibrant and EXPANDING membership. Why? Coz its FREE mate. This is the Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious (to quote Monty Python). Maybe you and the Commitee should look to your administative costs and react to modern technology and modern ways of communicating about Scotts
Regards from Aberdeen (Where its cold!) Ted 😆