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Hi Lewis,

Thank you for the elaborate explanation. And I know by experience what it is to be on a Committee. And that it is very hard do it right for all.

But, given the feedback posted in this forum thread by SOC members as well as non-SOC members, I still hope the Committee will give this decision some second thought. I do not doubt that the decision was made with the best interest of the club and its members in mind, but I am sure we all have made decisions in the past that turned out to be not as wise as we thought they would be when we took them…

Or perhaps make it a discussion point at the next AGM.


PS: Concerning your last lines… if I lived in the UK I would be more than willing to help out at Stafford or even be on the Committee. And come to the AGM to discuss these kinds of subjects. But being an overseas member this is kind of hard… For us from oversea, this forum is one of the most important ways of staying in touch with the Scott community!