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@Richard Blackburn wrote:


There is a critical difference between Scotts and D-Rads or any other more popular bikes. That is there is enough demand for companies to invest in parts supply of more popular machines.

Hi Richard
the D-Rad with its very few machines -compared with Scotts – on the road is very much the same as the Scott (not technical aso…!) But it is rare and the community is very small and “special”. No one is producing spares to make big profit. Profit is possible with BMW, Horex; NSU but not with D-Rad.

The spares scheme is a very unique system for me and I believe it is a good idea. I contributed to the spares scheme some years ago.

I thought it may accelerate the discussion here when posting some provocative thoughts. But it should be allowed to raise also controversary statements.

@Richard Blackburn wrote:

You are welcome to join, then you can table a motion for the AGM next month!

Your suggestion to join the club to table a motion to the AGM sounds fine, but living in Austria and beeing a non native speaker it makes no sense for me, sorry. Also some postings with very very fine english wording here are a challenge for me to interprete correctly as I am not able to read between the lines. It would be nice if my english would be as good as my german – we would have some fun. But as long as my english is better then your german I have to try hard.

As an overseas member – image what means overseas! It means the big majority of the world! – I always feel more like a passive consumer in a british club.

As I stated earlier I was a member of the SOC and my membership falls down somewhere in the past without terminating my membership actively. If the SOC would have a different administration of membership I would still be a member.

Sorry if my posting sounded unfair it was not my intention. If you keep the language problem in mind you may forgive me.

Kind regards