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Steven Enticott

Must say am a little bit shocked by this. How can something of such great impact and passion invoking not be put out to members to vote on. Have been on many comittees and know how thankless it can be so you to have my sympathy.

Struggling to see any justification for it though.

Plenty of non members enquire through https://www.scotttechnicalities.com.au with questions beyond my ability and I direct them to the forum – where do these people go now? Over to Roger and his site I guess…

The forum should be the leader into the Scott Club itself – and the link between the forum and the club should be stregthened and embraced not terminated.

The member benefits should be highlighted – i.e. the Yowl, the Spares Sceme, The rides – Maybe think up some more benefits etc…

All closed shops eventually die!!

I think without a vote to all members we may see a backlash – with memberships not renewed out of anger that something of so much importance isnt put to a vote of some sort for all members including us overseas lot unlikely to ever be at a meeting to have our say.

Steven Enticott