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lewis onions

To keep you all informed, the Committee are continuing to review and consider the postings to the forum concerning this. We have even exchanged a few emails.

Compromise is considered by some to be a situation where no one gets what they want, and accordingly there is as yet no consensus even amongst the members of the Committee.

Elsewhere on the forum reference has been made to the Vincent Owners Club site which is one of the sites considered by the Committee whilst ariving at their decision. Although access to the VOC web forum is free, anyone seeking access to post or even to view the forum is required to register first. If the VOC site is considered as the benchmark, it is noteable that the way in which the VOC forum operates is not dissimilar from how ours operates now, nor that dissimilar from the manner in which the Committee has decided that the Club’s forum should operate after 1 June 2012.

One issue does seem to be agreed upon; everyone is in favour of greater access via the Club’s website. The Committee has agreed that greater access should be available to anyone (member or not) who has specific questions of the Club. It appears that a majority of new approaches to the Club are either enquiries concerning a particular machine or requests for assitance with technical troubles. There has never been a direct conduit for such enquiries via the website to the relevant Club officials. Accordingly, the Committee has decided that specific click-throughs links will be added permitting anyone to email questions directly to the Club’s Machine Registrar and Technical Correspondent. If there is call for it similar links can be added to connect with other Club officials.

The re-assessment of the forum and of Club’s site as a whole continues.