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Thanks for that Lewis My Man! 🙄
Good to see that the Committee is taking on board a quote I re-quoted in one of my “Yowl” Editorials. “Jaw Jaw is better than War War” (W S Churchill.) I seem to remember at one of the AGM’s while I was Editor of Yowl that a vote was passed allowing “Overseas” members to vote? Speaking of which mate, when’s the next AGM? Shortly I presume as of course the tenure of the Officers of the Club automatically run out after 12 months unless re-voted in at an AGM. There bye negating any decision taken by such Officers. Anyhow son. Nothing to do with me. I just ride my Scott. I ain’t a member. BTW Steve Enticott said it all. Cheers from a seriously hot Aberdeen!!! Ted 😛 😛
PS re the Vincent Owners Club bit. Requiring people wishing to post being required to register first! Isn’t that what we do now? Or is the recent heat gtting to this frost hardened northener?? 😆