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Stan Thomas

Against a backdrop of a declining membership and the Club having run at a loss for the past two financial years, it was clearly defined at the A.G.M. that the only reason the Committee were closing the forum to non-members was purely to “encourage” memership, or as it was so aptly put at the meeting (and I quote) “to stop people getting something for nothing” .

At this juncture, the question was put as to whether or not the Committee’s modus operandi would extend to the Nation Rally – given it was the same situation of non-members freely partaking of S.O.C facility on the day, and have their pick of the autojumble etc. – at which the Chairman said it was something the Committee will be considering. (Note – the National Rally does not generate any income for the Club as the gate money goes directly to the school).

So is the National Rally to follow in the footsteps of the form in our policy of entrenchment?

Let us look forward to a fuller elucidation in the published minutes of the A.G.M.

Stan Thomas.