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As a relativity recent convert to the Scott cause (with bike still not on the road!) I feel I should share some thoughts based on my own journey to becoming a Scott owner.

Firstly, I have to say that without access to this forum BEFORE joining the club I would not have considered buying a Scott. The information I found and the contacts I made thanks to the forum helped to counter the seemingly plentiful supply horror stories about Scotts and Scott ownership. Given the relative lack of published Scott material it is down to this forum, the Technicalities and a few dedicated and knowledgeable Scott enthusiasts to ensure that potential new (and hopefully young) Scott owners are not put off by such lore. Closing the forum to non-members would remove a significant proportion of the scarce positive Scott PR from the public domain and as such seems to be counter productive.

Scott ownership is not the only marque that I’ve developed an interest in thanks to online resources. However, at least one marque club forum that I used, had a possibly interesting twist that may be of some relevance here. Firstly, one had to register before getting access and the club therefore had a list of e-mail addresses of potential club members. Secondly, there was one forum (the technical forum) where non-club members were free to browse and to do simple searches but one had to be a paid up club member in order to post questions or to do more advanced searches. This worked well for me and I was able to gather enough information to help me make the decision to buy a bike but I then needed to start asking questions of my own so I joined the club (which was a simple online process). Although I (like may other folks posting here) am strongly in favor of keeping the SOC forum open to all, maybe a similar approach to that just described would be a viable option.

Anyways, that enough club politics for me – I’m off into the garage to play with my newly purchased DPY engine.

Best regards,

Pete P.