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I think Peter’s post pretty much sums it up for me, too. When considering a Scott, I simply Googled and came up with the SOC site. It would be absurd to think that anybody would do any differently today. Having been able to read the older posts and ask questions, I then had the confidence to buy my bike and go on to join the club. Had I not been able to do this, the logical conclusion would be that it’s a minority product with little or no enthusiasm or support and perhaps a jump too far into ownership. In fact, Lewis helped me with an initial question!
I think it a mistake to compare our actions with the VOC, Brough and Rudge boys; I resigned my VOC membership as a protest to the closing of the website to non-members and, of course, the scandal. They, and several other clubs, are perceived as elitist and unwelcoming by a large number of classic motorcyclists I’ve encountered.
One of the biggest problems with Scotts seems to be the lack of them on the road, thus ensuring a lack of awareness. Riding, not hoarding them , would be a start and having an open access forum with interaction between owners, riders and interested parties is surely the way to go. As a one-make club, we will not survive pandering to the egos and tastes of a few, mostly non-riding, members. We simply have to embrace new information technology, welcome prospective owners (who will be the ones buying YOUR bikes when you sell them) and get our machines out there at popular meetings, we’re not a secret society!

If the membership is falling, perhaps we need to reconsider our perceived fuddy-duddyness, revamp Yowl (even make it online by subscription) and try to foister the passion we have with others in better ways. The spares scheme is great, and should be members only, but nearly everyone tells me “you can’t get the bits” when I show them my bike, yet I’ve managed to ride it there! Why do we not make more noise about this? Could we, like the VOC a few years back, possibly build a complete bike from spares? The publicity would be enormous. Just a thought.

Restricting the forum is a huge mistake, please reconsider this.

With kind regards
Paul Miles