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Seems like a very unwise decision to me and I agree totally with all statements above! I think this will only put people off instead of attracting them…

I sincerely hope this decision will be reconsidered!

And I am also very, very curious for the reasons behind this… What can be rational in keeping al the precious Scott knowledge in a closed community (and heads) of mainly (older) people? I think the SOC should in fact be very glad that it has a thriving open forum and cherish it instead! Give people the opportunity to share their knowledge! This is the information age and an open forum will be the first place that the Scott riders of the future will want to look!

And I also agree with Richards notes on the possible effects on the forum and would like to add one that I have seen happening: the possibility that someone might start another, open, Scott forum which could have very negative effect on the SOC board!

So please, reconsider and think ahead. And let the SOC forum stay what it is: the ONLY and OPEN Scott forum in the world!


PS: reading the unanimous reactions here from the actual forum users, it seems to me the decision was taken by mainly people that do not actually use this board… Or am I wrong here?