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Roger Moss

Thank you for your kind words Mike. AAS was a man who’s memory I hold in the very highest respect and was one of those rare human beings who were born with a degree of natural talent that is seen but rarely each century. It is a privilege to play a part to keep his creation in use and, as far as possible, in public view. I certainly do not claim to have originated ported pistons as George Silk was doing this before me. If an idea has logical merit, I will try it in racing conditions and develop it to my entire satisfaction before making it for a customer. Contrary to the belief held by some, I do not “Tune” engines in the way that reduces their suitability for road use. My efforts have been expended to make the engine smoother, more tractable and to have more torque. My greatest satisfaction is to receive a few words of appreciation from a customer. I am much looking forward to racing in the Czech Republic and Austria with other Scott riders and to demonstrate to others a little of what they are missing!