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Thanks for that advice Brian.

I had read somewhere else about guide rods to help in lowering the barrels on and I intend to make some myself as it is within my engineering abilities.
However I don’t have the means of cutting a left hand thread for the handles you mention. I’ll see what other options I can come up with.

Regarding the ‘knocking up’ of the crank, I bought some Inch and one eighth aluninium billet for the job and had intended to do it as you say with one piece of billet in the vice and using the other piece on top to drive the cranks home, but tell me, how hard do you hit them ? I know this is a difficult question to answer
as everyone has a different understanding of how hard, hard is ! But if you could give any guidance it would be most appreciated.
Also, what end float should I be looking for on the crank when its assembled, and do I have to assemble without the gland springs so I can check end float easily and then dismantle and re-assemble with the springs ? 🙁
Sorry to bombard you with so many questions, Its a steep learning curve for me !!

Thanks for your help, Mark