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Sticking the main bearing rollers in position with grease helps, and I also have a couple of useful little tools that came from Tom Ward, via John Hartshorne, about twenty years ago. They are just pieces of hex bar, about three inches long, threaded at one end, that screw into the crankpins and act as handles, and obviously one is threaded L/H and the other R/H. They make it VERY easy to insert the cranks into place one-handed. It is absolutely VITAL that the flywheel is supported laterally when ‘knocking up’ the cranks onto their tapers, and the only way to do that is to have the engine on its side with a solid block of metal supporting the flywheel. The block I use, also ex-Tom Ward, is held in my large bench vice, and I need someone else to hold the engine in place, crank on top of the block, when I knock the other crank, so that both seat onto their tapers. If you fail to do that the hammer impacts will be transmitted onto the main bearing cups, and they WILL be damaged… For lowering cylinders onto the crankcase I use a pair of guide rods. These are just lengths of 3/8″ diameter rod with about 1/2″ of 3/8″ BSCY thread 26TPI on the ends, screwed lightly into the rear pair of holes that will take the cylinder holding-down bolts after assembly. I may do a Yowl article with photos showing these assembly tools…..