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Roger Moss

Hi Brian Mike Wilson bought a Scott and wants to do a bit of hill climbing and sprinting. Now I am well aware that this is not normal use, but I recognise that It gets Scotts seen and publicized which is good for the prestige and popularity of the marque in general. In this case I am building an engine with a new / old stock Holder case and good barrel, flowed with new cranks and one of my heads. To allow the engine to breathe, we do a MK2 Concentric in a party frock, which is a TT style body with a Scott flange in 38, 36, or 34mm choke. Eddie machines these up to our drawings and makes a very nice job, but it is helpful to have a Scott float so the carb can be machined to accept it. In this case a LH would be safest as I guess a RH would foul a mag chain if used. I have had this engine up and down a few times until I was satisfied with it and the rods are shimmed in the pistons which always takes time. It is always good to send out an engine to a good spec that you would be happy to receive yourself, but I have too much work and am trying to cut back so I at least have a bit of time for my projects.
If you can spare a LH float chamber I would be grateful. I do not have many S/h spares but if you need something, just ask and i will look. Roger