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Roger Moss

Dear Roger,

If there are Scott riders wishing to escort the funeral procession then we would be very honoured indeed.

It would be our wish that the Scott riders lead the funeral cortege from mum’s house to the church.

The service starts at 2-45pm but I’m not sure about the timing of the cortege at the present.

I’m sure you know mum’s address but here it is in any case:

74 Greengate Lane, Birstall, Leicester LE4 3DL

Also, and this is an optional extra, if the riders felt inclined we would be very happy for the riders to lead the cortege onto the crematorium at Loughborough ~ it must be stressed, however, that the cremation service is for family members only.

Thank you


The above is from John’s eldest son Mike and the other information that would be needed would be that the time to drive sedately from John’s house in Greengate lane to the church at LE4 4DN would be about 15 mins for approx 1.4 miles