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Hi again. If you own an angle grinder, some good files, a piece of 5/16″ steel plate, and some 1/2″ diameter steel bar, they are not difficult to make, and I have made lots in the past. The only real engineering bit is reducing the ends of the rests and putting a 3/8″ BSCY thread onto them. You will also need someone to weld the rests into the hangers. The right-hand side one will also need bending so that it clears the gearbox, and this has to be done with the steel heated up to a bright red heat with an oxyacetylene flame. Over 25 years ago I went to my local technical college and enrolled on a City and Guilds Welding and Fabrication course, funded by the National Coal Board, for their apprentices to attend. It was a great experience, and not only did I learn a lot of metalworking stuff…. I was able to use all their machinery and welding kit, years before I had my own ! All sorts of Scott parts got made and repaired for only the cost of enrolling on the course ! If you don’t fancy all the angle grinder cutting you could just take a couple of plywood, even cardboard, patterns to a local general engineering place, and get them to laser cut or plasma cut the shapes for you, but don’t forget that the bending of the R/H one will foreshorten its effective length, so the pattern will have to be longer than the L/H one.