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Hi, I perhaps should have also mentioned that they are hypersensitive to float level setting. The way to set it, as detailed to me by the late Jim Best, is to have the bike off the stand and on level ground. With the throttle and air slide both fully open, (so that you can see what is happening), you ease the body of the float chamber forwards until you can see petrol JUST start to emerge out of the shortest of the three jets, and then ease the float chamber back a gnat’s whisker from that, all with the aim of having the petrol level JUST below the mouth of the jet. You may need to keep drying out the area with a tissue while you are furtling about, and you may need a small mirror to help you see what is happening.
As regards the fit of the slides, they need to be an easy sliding fit, but not sloppy in the carb body. Martyn Bratby or Roy Dagger might be able to assist, but I’m not sure if the latter is still trading. Also I have loads of spares !