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No throttle stop, no primary air screw, no spares availability, and all you can do is change jets and alter the float height. I presume that you have set the float height properly ? A tricky job…. Slightly loosen the bottom banjo bolt, turn petrol on, do not ‘tickle’ the float chamber. Using a mirror, just edge the float chamber body backwards until you see petrol just beginning to seep out of the shortest jet, then edge the float chamber backwards a gnat’s whisker from that position, and retighten the bottom bolt. This may involve a bit of British Standard Faffing About, with bits of tissue drying off the top of the jet, to make sure that the petrol level is not too high. It should be just a fraction below the top of that jet, so that the air rushing over it when you operate the kickstart pulls a spray of petrol into the engine, by the venturi effect. If you think that you have got it correct and then see petrol seeping out of the jet, it may mean that your float needle is not seating properly, and is letting the float chamber flood, in which case you have just wasted your time trying to set it up !! Of course you must do it with the bike upright and off the rear stand, so you may need an assistant.

I don’t think that I have ever revealed this technique before, so everyone with a three-jet Binks please make notes…..

Jim Best told me how to do it about 25 years ago, but I got so fed up with Binks carbs that I have only had to do it a couple of times.