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A couple of days ago, while on holiday in Norfolk, I came across the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum in the railway station yard at North Walsham, and they have a Brum Scott with gold paintwork. The reg is YUG 803. I don’t know if it is one of the two (?) done in gold from new. The story goes that Matt Holder took two sets of ‘tinware’ ( tank, oil tank, toolbox, mudguards) to his usual stove enamelling business, and while there saw a set of BSA Gold Flash parts being collected by a customer. He liked what he saw, and on a whim decided to have the Scott parts done in the same colour.
YUG 803 carries a tax disc that has only just expired, but it is looking to be in need of a bit of TLC. Next to it stands a 1929ish Flying Squirrel Tourer that I forgot to make a note of as the proprietor was quizzing me about Scotts. Nothing spectacular, with the wrong mudguards, later exhaust system, wrong handlebars and controls, and a foot-change conversion. Again needing TLC. The museum does have a website, https://www.mc-museum.freeserve.co.uk
however the machine list is dated 2004, and doesn’t include the Scotts.