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Bob Mather

Hi Thomas,
Welcome to the Scott clan. You will probably find it hard to identify an oil by it’s colour. It is not Castrol TTs or Silkolene. The only blue two stroke oil I know of is Valvoline two stroke outboard engine oil but there are probably other blue oils. As well as my pilgrim pump set to a low oil feed using Silkolene Classic 30 synthetic two stroke oil, I also use the Valvolene two stroke outboard oil at a rate of 50:1 in the petrol.You could do this using the mystery blue oil in in the petrol at 50:1 and put a known synthetic oil in the oil tank with the drippers set to 4 drops a minute.
There are lots of different opinions on lubricating a Scott engine, and some people hate adding oil to the petrol.This is the way I go, no smoke and no problems.
Bob Mather.