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Hi all, If Charlie or anyone else gets this proposal up and running there is the decision to be made as to maybe use stainless steel for the pipes. I don’t suppose for one minute that the Holders would consider using stainless, but another maker may offer this option, and Alldens Exhausts for instance, only do them in stainless. One of the stumbling blocks is getting a batch of stainless flanges made, as pipe benders may well avoid doing that. I just happen to have a batch of stainless flanges sitting on one of my shelves !! These were left over from when I got a batch of two-inch left-hand pipes made a few years ago. The cost is £25 each, plus £4 for UK postage and packing. They are very good quality items and were laser cut. I can take some to Abbotsholme if there is a demand .