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Ted Robinson

@Brian Rowe wrote:

Good day once again. As suggested I removed the head and barrel together to fascilitate removal of head to replace head gasket. Very simple operation to do that and I was singing the praises of Mr Scott.
However trying to drift off the head from barrel is proving to be quite a chore. Several applications of penetrating fluid and considerable amounts of heat via a rosebud have failed to dislodge it in the slightest. I had made a drift of hardwood slightly smaller than bore and with a 5 lb hammer failed miserably to achieve the slightest famount of movement. I am reluctant to use anything larger as am afraid of doing damage to the head, not sure how much force itcan take. It is at present immerssed completely in a penetrating solution.
A friend of mine who has a collection of Rolls- Royces mentioned how some of their models had aluminum heads and the same thing occurs at times with them. He mentioned a special type of metal drill bit that is hollow that is slid over the stud and material removed(including corrosion) down to the iron block. This is rather drastic I think and once again am asking for suggestions. Another friend suggested simply immersing it in water for a week or so. Another mentioned the electrical process of removing rust from steel and iron with a battery charger. I have done this with great success on small steel bits but not sure what it might do to the aluminum. I am assuming what is happening here is the electrolisis of the two dissimilar metals and the resultant corrosion.
Any further ideas or processes I should try. I would think it is a very common problem to the model. Also when re-assembling what precautions should be taken to prevent re-occurence.
Once again many thanks for the help provided on this forum. Might get her on the road this year yet.

Hi,Brian, I think I would tackle the studs one at a time. After immersing in diesel I would screw a standard 5/16 BSF nut on the stud until it was just flush with the top, tack the stud to the nut with an arc welder then try and rock it back and forth with a suitable wrench. I think you would have more chance of breaking the bond than trying to release all sixteen plus the water pipes in one go. You could still use the studs if you wanted to by grinding off the weld or even skimming in a lathe.I dont know how long you would need to let it pickle in diesel I would not have the patience to leave it for three months I don’t think.