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Roger Moss

Please be aware that in 1934 there were a batch of detachable head Short Stroke Engines produced.
The heads are rounder type and as the block was the same height as a DPY, then the machining in the head was much more shallow.
Head style is rounded so without measuring, it is almost impossible to tell the difference
When Bob Trickett had spares on a sale or return basis from David, a number of these were amongst what he took
Both Eddie and I have had these supplied by customers as part of a kit to build an engine
One owner who elected to build the engine himself, finding it would not turn over, accused me of machining off about 3/16″ from the head he had supplied, demanded compensation and threatened legal action. He claimed that this head was on the bike when he bought it !
Luckily, a friend produced a picture of this owner with his bike when new clearly showing that this Brum Scott had originally had the slab sided head.
On the whole, it has been a great pleasure to meet and help so many good human beings who own Scotts.
By the law of averages, it follows that we must have the occasional disappointment. Roger