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Stan Thomas

Hi Charlie,

Birmingham Scotts only had lining on the tanks. There were three “panels” a top one, and one either side – and as Geoff says, the “Scott” transfer was level with the bottom line of the tank. Dependant upon where you are, your welcome to come and see my bike, which is as near to factory original throughout as my lengthy researches can provide.

If you haven’t painted the tank and mudguards yet, you could consider a change of colour from black, as some bikes had “maroon” petrol and oil tanks, with black or maroon guards. The “maroon” colour did vary a little, dependent upon which enamellers were used, but a near modern colour is Ford Apporto Red.

Remember Birmingham Scott colours are not “frame number” sensitive, and a few had white tanks and six were produced with gold tanks when Matt was at the enamellers one day and said (through the Woodine smoke) he’d “try” some that colour – so the legend goes!

Happy days – Now the colour of my Honda tank is part number 18654/ffsod – 987555s HGD 32/H 0921qWC