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Stan Thomas

Think carefully before you use Halfords type pinstriping tape – ‘cos it will look bleedin’ ‘orrible!

Tanks were originally hand-lined without any form of masking – and any decent signwriter will do it – I had mine done for £40 quid (orange and gold as per Geoff’s info above) – and it is perfect.

First tip is to flat the tank withh 600 paper to form a “key” then once lined, it will need laquering, same as the transfers. As the laquer would normally disolve the oil-based lining paint, the secret is to apply a very very light mist coats first, then two or three slightly heavier mist coasts so subsequent coats flash off before affecting the substrate.

Alternatively, you can use a Beugler pinstriping painting tool which produce perfect results with a little practice.

If you tell me where your located, I can advise further.