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Geoff Case

Hi Charlie, Can I recount the tank lining info I took from an original unmolested Brum tank 30 years ago when restoring my bike.. The outer line 1/32 in inner line 1/8 inch. Gap between lines, 1/4 of an inch. On black tanks both lines are white. On maroon tanks the thin outer line is orange , and the wider inner line is gold. The orange and gold to match the “Scott” tank logo. Putting one line on free hand is not too difficult for a signwriter , putting the second line parallel to other is very difficult to do. I did my tank using flexible narrow masking tape . Method Lay lines of tape alongside each other then pull out strips where you want the lines. Paint the gaps, and remove the masking tape. When the paint is well dry, varnish/lacquer, over. Getting it to look right is not as easy as this sounds! You may have to have more than one try before it looks ok.