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Not only do they go loud, but when clogged they also tend to cause the exhaust system to act like one, long, straight-thru’ pipe, with an extractor effect, and petrol consumption soars. In the short term a Volkswagen Beetle/Kharmann Ghia tailpipe muffler can be hidden up the tailpipe very easily, (a perfect sliding fit). About five years ago Val Ward sold me his unused old stock Burgess, which had been, and still is, wrapped in oily newspaper. It will soon be fitted to CKW284, my 1938 Manx Grand Prix bike, the fastest-ever Scott on the Isle-of-Man, with its third lap at 70.03 mph, and the last Scott to finish a TT/MGP. Ridden by Harry Smith on behalf of Harrison Town. It finished 12th, but was totally outclassed by the winners. It must however have been doing well into the 90s for extended periods, and well over 5000rpm, to achieve that average speed. It was only 498cc of course, so clearly Harrison Town knew how to screw a Scott engine together properly, at his “Myrtle Garage” in Keighley. I was able to buy the engine from Tim Sharp a few months ago. He had owned it since 1962 !