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Bob Mather

Hi Ian,
It’s a problem, it is always very close but I have found the nut will usually just come off. On my 1932 Flyer with a single down tube open frame, the nut will just come off but trying to tighten it on refitting is the big problem for me as the spanner jaw sides hit the fly wheel and turning the spanner over to use the offset will only tighten the nut a fraction before the shank of the spanner hits the single downtube. This of course doesn’t apply to your frame. I had to mutilate a spanner grinding the outer sides of the head and big hollows
either side of the shank.
All this of course doesn’t fix your problem. All I can suggest is a thicker or two carburettor gaskets. As the flywheel is falling away quite steeply at this point it won’t take much to move the carburettor back just enough to give some room. When ever I remove the carburettor I jam rags into the space under it so that if I drop one of the 1/4 nuts it doesn’t get lost forever in the void below.
Bob Mather.