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Hi Roy,
By an odd coincidence, I’ve just bought a chain-oiler tank for HAS789, your old 1930 bike. What you are doing on your 1927 Flyer is fine I think, because modern chain oil aerosols contain ‘anti-fling’ ingredients to make them really stick to the chain without centrifuging off. A bit peculiar when you first spray them onto a fast-moving chain, and you get ‘whiskers’ of it going into the air and onto the bike, but it quickly settles down ! My son-in-law’s and my grandson’s motocross bikes’ chains get a very hard life, often covered in mud, but they stand the usage very well. They do however also get regular thorough cleaning and a hot bath in ‘Linklyfe’. I use aerosol chain oil as a ‘belt-and-braces’ measure on my chainsaw, even though it has an oil tank as well.